eSave produces time and resource savings, improving sales metrics

eSave is the solution to transform your sales process. Our platform offers a range of features designed to optimize your sales team's operations, generating significant time and resource savings while also boosting your sales growth.

Throught process automation we enhance sales process, prevents mistakes and reduces times.

At esave, we understand the operational needs in the sales processes of the energy sector, and that’s why we have designed a platform that delves into the heart of key data. Our platform not only helps you find savings based on price but also delves into crucial details such as contract end date, maximum power demands, actual consumption, and maximum costs. Even if the price of energy and power from your current provider is competitive, our tool helps you discover savings alternatives you may not have considered. 

User administrators have the power to customize and optimize the offering of energy products for each sales team, adjust sales strategies, and access dashboards to monitor key metrics and compare competitive prices. 

Our platform is used by a wide range of players in the energy market, from major energy retailers like Iberdrola, Total Energies, Repsol, Imagina Energía, Sweno, Wattium, to comparison websites and multi-brand companies like Selectra and Watiofy, and the list goes on. More than 2000 sales agents belonging to over 50 different teams leverage esave to optimize their operations and provide exceptional service to their clients, each with their unique needs and specific processes. 

In esave, we are committed to driving efficiency and savings in the energy sector, providing our clients with the necessary tools to thrive in an ever-evolving market. Join us and discover how we can help you achieve your growth objectives.