Analysis of Tariff Positioning in the Spanish Electricity Market: Your Competitive Advantage 

In the ever-changing Spanish electricity market, information is key. Our positioning analysis tool provides you with a clear and accurate insight into where any offer stands compared to other tariffs in the energy sector, including prices, data on energy and power for each period.

Clear and precise vision to locate your tariff offer in comparison with the market.

Anonymous and Secure Data: We never collect personal data or Universal Supply Point Codes (Código Universal del Punto de Suministro, CUPS). Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we exclusively work with anonymous data to ensure confidentiality. 

Powerful Database: We use consumption and pricing information to build a robust database that allows you to understand the positioning of any offer compared to other tariffs offered by energy suppliers in the sector, both free and regulated. 

Complete Details: We not only show you the invoice price but also provide detailed information about energy and power for each period, enabling you to make informed and strategic decisions. 

In such a competitive market as the energy sector, the competitive advantage lies in knowledge. With our positioning analysis tool, you have access to valuable information that helps you understand where you stand in relation to your competitors. Make more informed and standout decisions in the Spanish electricity market. Discover how this tool can boost your success today!